Welcome to Contemplative Fire Anchor

Welcome to Contemplative Fire!

  • Contemplative Fire is a unique community that invites your soul to come out to play, explore and grow… and discover!
  • We welcome wonder and curiosity, doubt, and the interplay of wisdom and mystery.
  • We invite you to bring your brain, and explore your heart.
  • We are a creative, inclusive Christian community.
  • We value making meaning in our lives.
  • We believe the universe is alive with grace and possibility.
  • We are open to hearing God’s truth wherever it is found.

Our Roots Anchor

Our roots are the historical Christian contemplative paths, especially from the Celtic and Eastern Orthodox traditions.  At the same time, we embrace inspiration from the contemplative wisdom and practices of other faiths. We celebrate deep connectedness, and the beauty of nature.

We delight in living into those deeper questions which may never be fully answered, yet make us more alive by the asking of them, opening up new possibilities and new realities. We welcome these opportunities to step into our own authenticity, awakening us to the essence and energy of God.

The spiritual heart of Contemplative Fire is an adventurous engagement with the person and spirit of Jesus. Through this practice, we are able to engage our world with fresh eyes and immerse ourselves in the sacred and in the simplicity of profound wonder, love and thankfulness.

Draw the Circle Wide! by Rev. Shawna Bowman

Contemplative Fire Canada has drawn its inspiration from the dispersed community of the same name in the UK, founded by The Rev Philip Roderick, as a fresh expression of Church.

We have co-evolved in Canada since 2008 with the founding of a community in Toronto and ongoing creative dialogue with the Anglican Church. Our founder The Rev Anne Crosthwait recently retired. Community members from across Canada and the UK gather on Zoom.

Come and explore with us, whatever your personal beliefs, spiritual practices, or religious traditions. We respect how you choose to engage. For more details on our upcoming events please click on the Events tab.

May you discover today and every day that you are surrounded by Grace, Light and Love!

Jo-Anne, Myrna, April, Freda and Ross

Jo-Anne Raynes,  Myrna Gadsby,  April Lansing,  Freda Perry and Ross Gibson

The Leadership Team

Testimonials Anchor


  • “An enriching experience, with inspirational people. 
    I’ve learned so much.” ~ LM
  • “Contemplative Fire offers a community of seekers sharing insights
    and precious time together in silence.” ~ CW
  • “Silence is God’s first language.
    It invites me into the mystery.” ~ PC
  • Contemplation suggests a pause and
    the Fire suggests a burning desire to know.” ~ BH
  • “The community is like family.” ~ MIB
  • “Contemplative prayer has become part of my spiritual routine.” ~ DAW
  • “I have found a community of like-minded people.” ~ SN

Heart & Soul Anchor


“Here I rest in the softness of heart and soul.

Here I am always loved and never abandoned.

Here I choose to awaken further to love.

Here I am Love. ”

~ BW


Wouldn’t it be nice to play with the Divine


to roam among the stars

and tickle the Milky Way?

Wouldn’t it be nice

if the Divine would invite me

to play in His Garden?

Wouldn’t it be nice

if that mortal would invite me

to play in her garden?

Don’t you remember

I invited you to play with me

on the day you were born?

Perhaps you are just now remembering.

No matter. Come let us play and laugh together.

~ MG 


I began my contemplative journey 30 years ago at a palliative care conference in Montreal.  There I met a local priest who invited us to join him in a silent meditation each morning.  Even though I am not an early morning person, I felt compelled to explore this practice. Despite being half asleep, I was deeply moved by this form of prayer. I realized that I had unknowingly been searching for something like this for some time. A new door had opened that I knew I would never close again.

Some years later, after retiring as a hospital chaplain, I began to feel isolated. I wondered who I was. Where did I belong?  Then I happened to read a newspaper article about Contemplative Fire and I was drawn once more to continue my exploration of contemplative practices.  Contemplative Fire has now become my spiritual home.

I like and enjoy the people who are drawn to Contemplative Fire. They are edgy individuals, not easily put in a box or labelled.  They are definitely people who colour outside the lines. One of my favourite Contemplative Fire experiences is being part of the team that prepares the monthly A Way to Contemplation meeting.  I love the creative process and the challenge.

The Contemplative Fire community has gently encouraged me to love myself—not parts of myself, but all of my self—especially the parts I have ignored or rejected. Becoming more contemplative has meant welcoming back all my disowned parts, as I would care and comfort an injured and frightened child sitting on my knee. I feel I have been knitted back together.

As a teenager, I would listen to a radio program which always featured the same poem, read out against the background of ocean waves crashing on a beach. The poem was about a man who was so focused on the pebbles on the beach where he walked, that he was unaware of the ocean of truth that was crashing down beside him. In my high school yearbook, I wrote that the ocean of truth lay before me.

I have learned that in my pursuit of truth I must face many unanswered questions.  The Contemplative Fire community has helped me live my questions as I have discovered my own truth.”


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